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Angela Bishop Reminiscence East

Themed talks - sharing happy memories and reminiscing about the past.
I offer a wide range of themed talks / reminiscence for care homes, day centres, lunch clubs, sheltered housing complexes, friendship clubs, Women's Institutes, church groups and societies.

I also work with schools, community organisations, charities, Norfolk Museums and Norfolk Library Service.

I work in Norfolk and Suffolk, mainly in Great Yarmouth, Norwich and The Norfolk Broads, though I may travel further by arrangement.
My sessions are lively and stimulating; we talk, laugh and have lots of fun.
I bring along a wide range of items from the past and we reminisce about our memories of them.
'It's like a little travelling museum'
Here you can see a 'Washing and Cleaning' session.
 I bring along items such as a mangle, a washboard and a tin tub and we talk about memories of taking a bath, doing the washing and polishing the silver.
My prices are very competitive with sessions from £60 (petrol costs may apply).
Exhibition of School Days Memories
  1950's Memories
Themed Talks / Reminiscence Sessions
I can provide many different talks/ reminiscence sessions according to your preferences. 
  • Washing and Cleaning Memories
  • Tradesmen and Street Sellers Memories
  • Tea Party Memories
  • Cinema Memories
  • Food and Cooking Memories
  • 1940's Home Front
  • Royalty and The Queen
  • Childhood Toys and Games
  • Schooldays Memories
  • Seaside Memories
  • Wedding Memories
  • Household Items Memories
  • A Night Out at The Pub
  • Christmas and Winter Memories
  • Where Did You Get That Hat?
  • Music and Dancing Memories
  • 1950's Memories
  • 1960's Memories
  • 1970's Memories
  • 1980's Memories
  • Sporting Memories
  • Superstitions (Lucky/Unlucky)

Wedding Memories

1970s Memories

Seaside Memories

1960's Memories

1940s Memories


All items brought to sessions and all activities provided are risk assessed to ensure safety for participants.
Please feel free to contact me for more information (see 'Contact Us' page.)
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